It must be understood by coaches, players, and parents that Krossfire FHC teams are an extension of the Krossfire FHC organization. We expect coaches, players, and parents to behave in a manner that will continue to shed a positive light on our organization.

Krossfire FHC Code of Conduct:

1. Coaches, Players, and Parents will not use foul, offensive or abusive language.

2. Players will report any injuries or ailment to coaches immediately.

3. Players will keep themselves in top physical condition and game ready.

4. Players will maintain good grades and honor their academic obligations.

5. Players will wear their uniforms proudly and properly.

6. Players will prepare in advance any drinks or nutritional items needed during the games and practices and have in their bag prior to the activity.

7. Players will come to practice and games on time prepared mentally and with all needed equipment.

8. Parents will be a positive example of good sportsmanship during all practice and games and will show respect to their daughter, her teammates, opponents, coaches, and umpires.

9. Parents will have player to all events on time.

10. Parents will not approach players during game for any reason.

11. Parents will honor 24-hour rule. If there is an issue, parents will not confront the coaches for 24 hours after a game or practice. These can be emotional times for both parents and coaches. Meetings of these natures do not promote resolution. If you have a concern, please wait 24 hours to discuss in a calm manner.

12. Coaches, Players, and Parents will report any issues they feel reflect poorly on the organization to the Krossfire FHC Board.